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Are you looking for XERO Accountants?

At Small Business Works Parramatta all our accountants specialise in XERO accounting systems. As XERO accountants we can help set the system up to suit your business needs. XERO will allow you to perform most of your processes at a fraction of time they currently take allowing you to save time doing non value add work and focus more on running your day to day business. We’ll cover key benefits XERO can bring to your business:

Claim your home internet

So you want to claim your home internet on your income tax return? 

Firstly if you use your home internet for work or business use then yes you can claim it! The issue is if you also use your home internet for non income generating activities (for example checking facebook or watching movies of cats on you tube) you will need to account for some of your use as private and some as business / work related. There are a range of ways to work this out – based around the fact you (the taxpayer) must make a reasonable estimate of your private use. 

How do we work this out? 

Accountants for new Franchise

Are you looking for Accountants for your new Franchise?

This week we are at the Sydney Franchise Expo –  why are we there? We love franchises and are often Accountants for new franchise, we actually love all new businesses to tell you the truth but some of the best business models out there are franchised – but so are some of the worst!