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Investing in Property using Self-Managed Super Fund

Consider using your Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) for Investing in Property

We get approached by many clients looking to invest in property to grow their wealth for their retirement. In Australia, property is one of the safest investment assets and many people have established a nice retirement nest egg using just that.

The thing with investing in property is that it requires a large upfront capital outlay and not many of us have that much spare cash just laying around. So where does one find enough money to get started? One place to look is your superannuation balance. If you have sufficient balance in your superfund you could use that to buy property.

Tax Changes for Small Businesses 2016 – Parramatta

What’s can Small Business Owners Expect? Tax Changes for Small Businesses 2016 – Parramatta


At Small Business Works Parramatta, we understand that every business has a unique set of tax requirements and financial objectives, and we love helping Small Business Owners to achieve their goals. Providing tax services to the Parramatta and surrounding areas, we can assist you with your business tax return lodgement, as well as offer expert advice.

Tax Return 2016 – Parramatta

Maximising your Tax Return 2016 – Parramatta

Providing tax return services to the Parramatta and surroundings areas, Small Business Works Parramatta can assist you to legally maximise your refund and plan for the next Financial Year. We have experience with a broad range of tax accounts, and are committed to delivering premium and personalised services. We can assist with your tax returns for; Individuals, Small Businesses, Companies, Partnerships, Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF) and Trusts.

Family Daycare Accountant

Family Daycare Advice from your friendly local Family Day Care Accountant

Family daycare business is challenging business as any other business. FDC makes it even harder when you are trying to look after kids and managing books for the business without professional assistance. As a leading firm in providing specialised accounting services to Family day Care educators across Australia, our Paramatta office understand your accounting needs very well because we keep ourselves up to date with latest changes to government policies and taxation law. 

SMSF Parramatta

SMSF Parramatta – Better Retirement Account Management through Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF)

Self managed super funds are currently being embraced by a lot of professionals for an efficient management of their retirement accounts. If you have ample knowledge about investing and managing money this would make an attractive option but in the opposite scenario you can always associate with a retail super fund that is run by someone else on your behalf.

Self managed super fund gives you better control over organising your retirement funds to yield maximum benefit. They are managed by you as the trustee and you are entitled to make the decisions about where you should invest your retirement funds. But there are certain other guidelines that you need to follow, such as: