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Understanding SuperStream

How to effectively use SuperStream

Providing a range of Tax and Accounting services to the Parramatta and surrounding areas, let the professionals at Small Business Works help you to keep your business running smoothly.

At Small Business Works Parramatta, our expert team specialise in the current business software, including SuperStream, and can help you to understand, install and operate its sophisticated systems.

Greek Financial Crisis in plain English – maybe

Are you wondering what is really going on in Greece?

If you had a little brother who asked for (yet another) loan and you knew he couldn’t pay back what he’d previously borrowed, even if he took this next instalment to the track and won the trifecta, would you agree to keep on lending? Or would you hope that some ‘tough love’ and the prospect that hitting rock bottom might cause the shake up he needs to take control of his finances, and do what was necessary to turn things around?

The EU family may be feeling that they have a similar decision to make about little brother Greece, but to cut him off completely and stand by watching him struggle is not a likely decision, nor is there a bookie in Europe brave enough to handle the wager it would take to clear Greece’s debt of 320 billion euros.

ATO Audit what happens

Do you want to know what happens when you get an ATO Audit?

Tax season is coming, a lot of people had very bad experiences for ATO auditing, the most popular questions they asked us were: What criteria do the ATO us to decide deciding whether or not to audit, as well as if really happened, then what have to prepare, and what happens next. Here is the brief answer for those questions: ATO Audit what happens

Start Up Business Tax

Basics of Startup Business Tax 

If you need help with startup business tax you may be one of the 1.5 million business owners who operate their startup through the business structure of a ‘Sole Trader’. So what is a ‘Sole Trader’ ?

Family Day Care Tax

Family Daycare Tax – what do you need to know?

Small Business Works has been committed to working with Family Day Care Schemes and Family Day Care Educators on their tax since 2011 to assist with building a sustainable, tax effective business. With some 2000 Educators and a growing number of both Government and private schemes as clients, we KNOW and UNDERSTAND Family Day care Tax. Our office with both educators and schemes and is happy to offer free training sessions for professionals in this industry.